Ion and his team took great trouble to complete the job to a high standard even when the fittings we had supplied turned out to be faulty. They went to get new ones for us and would not accept payment until we were satisfied. They must have put in many more hours than expected but never complained. I am likely to use them again and recommend them highly.

Lucy – Hampstead 9th Oct, 2008

Ion was a very hard worker, he was punctual, reliable, and trustworthy. Ion’s work standards are very high, he worked very hard to make sure we were completely happy with the work that had been done, which indeed we were. I would fully recommend Ion to anybody.

Keith – Islington - 2011

I was extremely satisfied with the service I received from BuildWise and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Ion and his team were punctual, capable, and very professional and all work was completed to a high standard. What impressed me most, however, was that they genuinely cared not only about what they were doing, but also about my property. I have dealt with other companies who have provided good service, but I believe that BuildWise are a cut above and I highly recommend them.

Lenny – Finchley Central - 2014

I was extremely happy with the service I received from Ion and Buildwise One Company Four Solutions. I asked Ion to come and have a look at my boiler and see if he could find out what the problem was. I know quite a lot about plumbing and had already done several tests on the system myself. The problem was a very unusual and a rare one in that the copper coil inside the water tank had developed holes, as can happen with copper piping. It’s rare but can happen. This was causing mains pressure to feed back into the closed system causing the water pressure to constantly rise until the boiler cut out. I had  had several other engineers around to look at the problem. They all came to the same conclusion that it was ‘probably’ the expansion vessel that was faulty. From my own tests I knew this could not be the case. When Ion came over, he took the time to listen carefully to everything I had already done and was able to then correctly diagnose the problem – no matter how unlikely it might be! I then enlisted him to replace the boiler. He and his team were very fast, punctual, and professional. Within days I was back to having hot water and the problem was solved. I would happy recommend Buildwise to others!

Mr Oliver – Hampstead 2015

Fantastic job with my house extension. I would recommend these guys to all my neighbours!